Hair Loss Prevention Tips for Women

Many women with hair loss problems usually suffer in silence. Such women change their hairstyles frequently to hide the thinning patches that appear due to hair loss. Women love their hair and would love to show it to everyone. Long, smooth and healthy hair leaves women looking glamorous. It is the desire of every woman to maintain a healthy hair that doesn’t break so often. This goes to show the importance of preventing hair loss in women. Unlike men who can shave whenever they develop hair loss symptoms, women hair is a symbol of their beauty. Preventing hair loss in women is very crucial is maintaining those great looks.

Hair loss in women is usually caused by several factors ranging from genetic to diet. However, the good news is that hair loss can easily be prevented by following some simple methods. Here are some tips for women looking to avoid hair loss.

1 Treat your hair of any dandruff

Dandruff is a major contributing factor to hair loss. Most women who lose hair have been found to contain dandruff within their hair. Dandruff is caused by a form of yeast that is very difficult to kill. However, doctors suggest a powerful shampoo with the ability to kill the yeasts. Keeping your hair clean at all times will also prevent dandruff from growing

2 Avoid damage to your hair

Damage to hair causes most of the hair loss. Several factors cause damage to hair. It is important that you limit the number of times you dry your hair. Heat hair in dryers weakens the hair causing it to break so often. Natural drying of hair is usually recommended. It is also important to avoid chemical straightening of hair which can cause damage to the hair.

Cutting down on the number of dyes and chemicals used to treat the hair ill also help prevent hair damage. Hair bleaching also takes away the natural pigmentation making it more brittle. Pulling your hair too tightly whenever styling it will also make it break away.

3 Eating a healthy diet

Eating right is one of the best ways to prevent hair loss while at the same time increasing hair growth. Eating a balanced diet will help in the provision of all the nutritional requirements for preventing hair loss. Consume foods with more iron to help improve the growth of your hair.

Omega 3 fatty acids are known to prevent hair loss by preventing it from becoming brittle and dry. These healthy fats can be obtained from oily fishes like tuna and mackerel. Foods rich in vitamin C and B are also highly recommended for preventing hair loss.

4 Lead a stress-free life

Stress is known to cause some hair loss in the form of alopecia. This condition causes discrete patches of hair loss on the head. When people are stressed, the body immune system becomes weak and attacks the hair follicles leading to hair loss. When stress is managed, hair will start growing normally.


Hair loss is a common problem in most women but can easily be avoided and prevented using these simple tips. Taking great care when handling your hair will go a long way in preventing hair loss cases. Maintain a healthy diet and take care of your hair to keep those long, smooth hairs.
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