Hair Loss Prevention Tips for Men

Do you find hair loss disturbing? Hair loss causes baldness. The beauty and youthful traits fading away as you watch helplessly. You seem to be getting older, but you aren’t 30 yet. Apart from looking twice your age, baldness tortures you both physically and mentally. The sun burns, an airport for flies and a center of attraction for the public as a result of sun light’s reflection aren’t just enough. It mercilessly takes away your self-confidence and equips you with temptations to go for wigs, surgeries and use treatments that work better when it comes to side effects rather than the intended cure. You have all the right to blame hormones, genes and aging, but what you must know is that your lifestyle also plays a major role. The nutrition that makes part of your diet (deficient protein diet), illness and more are among the factors that are completely in your control. If this brief information describes your dilemma, then the four tips below on hair loss prevention for men will be quite helpful.


Keep your hair growing and to maintain its health, you need to keep it clean. If you have dirty hair, you are required to wash your hair daily. You have to keep it clean, and nothing does this well than shampoos. It is however noticed that improper use of shampoos for example too much application or using it often might also result in hair loss. There are also certain shampoos that aren’t healthy to hair such as sulphate shampoos. To ensure this does not happen, you have to do some research before buying your shampoo, use it twice or thrice in a week and lastly apply correct amounts to washing your hair.


Just like your body, your hair needs a balanced diet. A better diet ensures that both the scalp and hair stays healthy. You can include vitamin E known to improve blood circulation in scalp hence production of hair. Vitamin D handles retention of hair colour. Studies also show that proteins such as lean meat fish also treat hair growth. It is common for people on a diet to avoid proteins forgetting that proteins play a significant role in keeping the air healthy. Not all proteins are bad. If you it is the diet or medication that may be preventing you from taking proteins then it’s time you go for substitutes such as plant proteins.


It is not a new thing that most of the time we comb our hair, we realize that the comb doesn’t come clean, but with some hair on it. If you can’t find time to sit down and comb your hair properly, then it is better to leave it uncombed. It is also not advisable to comb wet hair since wet hair is weaker than dry hair. It is advisable to dry it first then comb it. Combing your hair is completely under your control. If you aren’t planning to become bald, you have to be gentle on hair.


If you didn’t know, lots of stress contributes a lot to hair loss. Stress puts hair follicles in a resting phase, and later these hairs fall out due to combing, washing or just scratching your head. Stress also affects your body’s immune system leading to hair loss. The bad news is that continuous stress might lead to permanent or irreversible hair loss with time. The good news is that hair loss due to stress is reversible. You can reduce stress in many ways, for example, include practicing yoga or attending yoga classes. You can sleep or just close up your eyes to find peace. If you can find the best way to relax your mind, you’ll be able to reduce chances of stress causing hair loss.

We can excuse genes for hair loss, but when it comes to diet, handling you hair and your emotions as the cause of hair loss, then you have yourself to blame. Your hair is living just like other organs in your body. Its health depends on your diet, hygiene and how you manage it. It is up to you to ensure this happens. If you are healthy, then your hair should also be healthy. To find more information on hair loss prevention you can follow the links below.