How to Achieve Beautiful and Healthy Hair For Women

Hair is the embellishment of any person, and keeping it healthy and beautiful is paramount. There are some few things that can be emotionally distressing such as losing hair, especially in women. It can be a life-shattering calamity that is not easy to recover. Hair is probably one of the first thing that you notice when meeting people for the first time. A beautiful and shiny hair will always leave a good impression about a person. A good hair care plays an important role in having a healthy hair and avoiding extensive damage that can lead to hair loss.

Healthy Hair

This short piece of content provides insightful, educative and practical guide on how to achieve beautiful hair for women. Just like the skin, the condition and state of your hair is an outward sign of the inside wealth that you have. The cells that make each hair strand needs to be regularly supplied with the required nutrients. Have the correct supply and intake of vitamins and minerals to supply the hair with the vital nutrients it needs to remain exceptionally shiny, lustrous and strong.

What to do to achieve beautiful hair

1. Supply you body with Proteins

Hair is made up of protein. Ensuring that you have enough proteins in your diet is a crucial factor to having a strong and healthy hair. If your diet lacks enough proteins, you are subjecting your hair to becoming dry, brittle and weak and this may eventually result in hair loss. Chicken, fish, turkey, dairy products and eggs are an excellent source of proteins that can aid in achieving a healthy hair.

2. Trim your hair, use Shampoo and Be Gentle

Believe it or not, you need appropriate and regular haircuts to keep your hair healthy. Hormones, genetics and diet affect the rate at which your hair grows.

It is important to make use of the shampoo that is designed for your hair type. Regular brushing of your hair is vital. Avoid excessive brushing as this can damage your hair. Never brush your hair when wet as you are exposing it to breaking.

3. Natural treatments

Whenever possible, avoid the use of hair dryers and flat irons as heat exposure damages the hair. Make your own hair mask to use for nourishing your hair every two weeks. Clean your hair massage it and leave it to rinse. Wash your hair clean and remove any form of accumulated oil and dust.

4. Supply the hair with silica

Silica is a vital component in rebuilding all the connective tissues including the hair, the skin and the nails. Supplementing the hair with the appropriate colloidal silica will play a vital role in improving the hair thickness, the skin tone and its elasticity. Any preparation that contains Urtica, some calcium and silica, may provide enormous growth to a thick and healthy hair in a very short period of time.

Hair plays a considerable role in defining someone. Hair prevents the head from overheating and overcooling and its care should not be compromised. Sometimes it may be a little difficult to determine what is affecting your hair. In case of any persistent hair loss or poor hair, it is advisable to visit a nutritional therapist or a herbalist to discuss on the bet way forward.